What Is ProControl?



PROCONTROL® presents the world’s first soccer performance board and modular training system. With ProControl, you can train to your capacity for speed, control, precision and accuracy. ProControl Soccer Performance Boards perform, giving perfect passes and returns back to the player with accuracy and speed that is true to the highest level of the game. With ProControl, you can achieve a thousand touches in just a few hours and quickly find your own style. ProControl is designed to force the player to play within the real dimension of the game, requiring clean precise passes, accurate positioning to receive the ball, perfect control and high-speed capability to keep up with the wall. If you miss, you can start over until you get it right.

Create your own portable modular arena to perfect your personal style and skill. Get the professional team experience and your 10% edge. With Procontrol, we encourage you to play the beautiful way.

WHAT: PROCONTROL performance boards are more than a rebounder. We are a true performance board, the first of its kind in the world of soccer. PROCONTROL performance boards are handcraft-calibrated for the true speed and response of the game. 

WHY: PROCONTROL performance boards are made to perform beyond the player’s skill so you can keep training for more. Measure your speed, accuracy, precision and endurance with a thousand touches. Create your own technique and style.  

WHO: PROCONTROL performance boards is for players of all levels and all ages. PROCONTROL plays beyond anyone’s skill level so that you can reach further to improve skill and endurance. PROCONTROL responds to demand and can be as fast as the game or gently for rehabilitative training.  

WHERE: PROCONTROL performance boards come in both portable and permanent versions. Modules can be set up on the field, in residential backyards, or permanently at parks and school grounds. Our frames come with rubber tracking for indoor and turf use.

WHEN: PROCONTROL performance boards is for anytime use. Coaches may integrate PROCONTROL during warm up or as substitute training during off-season without impacting coaching time. Parents can watch their kids refine skill and strengthen endurance from home in between training days. PROCONTROL can be available to anyone located near a permanent module at community parks.

HOW: PROCONTROL SOCCER is free style training. Players are encouraged to develop their own training style and techniques in PROCONTROL and test their skills on the field. PROCONTROL provides suggested training techniques online. Watch us on Facebook for seasonal tips and videos.

Because when you control the ball, you control the game. ProControl this is what winning feels like.